Mobility of the Future

On this website we have collected the most relevant and promising technologies, trends and business models that will shape how we travel in the future. For a full index of all topics covered and sources, please see towards the end of this page.


🚗Cars & Buses
✈ī¸Airway & Waterway

In Detail

In this section we highlight the status quo, most important technologies and developments as well as an outlook on mobility on roads and streets.

Passenger Transport

📖 Overview: Urban Mobility

🔋 Electric Vehicles

🤖 Autonomous Driving

đŸŦ Urban Infrastructure

📝 Urban Mobility: Business Models

🚌 Local Public Transport

🧑đŸŊ‍⚖ī¸Â Political Constraints

📖 Overview: Intercity Mobility

Cargo Transport

📊 Status Quo (Stats & Figures)

📝 Business Models

🧑đŸŊ‍đŸ’ŧ Political Topics

📈 Consumer Perspective & Outlook

Here we discuss the developments in passenger and and cargo transport over railways as well as hyperloop technology.


📖 Introduction

🚃 Passenger Transport (Urban & Short-Distance)

🚅 Passenger Transport (Long-Distance)

🚂 Cargo Transport


🚄 Hyperloop

Here we provide an overview of aerial and maritime mobility. We discuss current modes as well as prospects of future technologies.

Aerial Mobility

📖 Overview: Differences in Modes of Aerial Mobility

⚙ī¸Â Propulsion Systems

✈ī¸Â Long Distance Mobility of People & Cargo

🏙 Urban Aerial Mobility (UAM): Overview

🚁 UAM of Cargo & People

đŸŦ Infrastructure of UAM

⚖ī¸Â Political & Consumer Perspective of UAM

Maritime Mobility

⚙ī¸ Propulsion Systems

â€ŧī¸Â Limitations

đŸ›ŗ Mobility of People

đŸ“Ļ Mobility of Cargo

⚖ī¸ Political & Consumer Perspective

Technologies: Electric Mobility - Hydrogen - Liquefied Natural Gas - Combustion Engines
State of Mobility: Status Quo - Vision 2030 - Vision 2050 - Future role of OEMs
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NameTagsPublication Date
🚘Passenger Cars for Intercity TransportationCarsLong DistanceStreet
🌟Potential of Electric CarsCarsElectricOutlookStreet
⚓Maritime mobility (Overview)OverviewWater📙
📖Cargo: Political Topics (Overview)CargoOverviewPoliticsTrucks📗
🚀Vision 2050Overview
đŸ›Ŗī¸Intercity Street Transportation (Overview)Long DistanceOverviewStreet📕
🚘Status QuoOverview
📖Urban Mobility on StreetsOverviewUrban
✈ī¸Vision 2030Overview
🔋Battery TechnologyElectricMotorsTechnology
🚗Combustion EnginesMotorsStreetTechnology
💧Technology: Hydrogen MotorsTechnology
⚡Electric EnginesElectricMotorsStreetTechnology
⚡Electric VehiclesElectricOverviewStreetTechnology📕
đŸ›ĸī¸Liquefied Natural GasMotorsTechnology
👩đŸģ‍đŸ’ŧUrban: Business ModelsBusiness ModelOverviewPassengerStreetUrban📕
đŸ›ĩVehicle on DemandBusiness ModelPassengerStreetUrban
🔄New Ownership ModelsBusiness ModelPassengerStreetUrban
🚖Mobility on DemandBusiness ModelPassengerStreetUrban
📝Intercity: Business ModelsBusiness ModelLong Distance📕
🚖Car Sharing for Intercity TransportationBusiness ModelLong DistanceStreet
🤖Autonomous DrivingOutlookStreetTechnology📕
đŸĸInfrastructure in Urban AreasOverviewStreetUrban📕
📈Future Role of OEMsOEMsStreet
👨đŸŊ‍⚖ī¸Political Constraints for CarsCarsPoliticsStreet
🚌Local Public TransportBusStreetUrban📕
🚌Intercity Bus TransportationBusLong DistanceStreet
⚖ī¸Political & Consumer Perspective on Maritime MobilityConsumer PerspectivePolitical PerspectivePoliticsWater
đŸ›ŗī¸Maritime Mobility of PeoplePassengerWater
đŸ“ĻMaritime Mobility of CargoCargoWater
❗Limitations of Maritime MobilityWater
⚙ī¸Maritime Propulsion SystemsTechnologyWater
🛍ī¸CV: Consumer Perspective & Future OutlookConsumer PerspectiveOverviewStreetTrucks📗
🚛Commercial Vehicles: Stats & FiguresCargoStreetTrucks📗
đŸ’ģCV Business Models: New & Digital ModelsBusiness ModelCargoStreetTechnologyTrucks
📈Commercial Vehicles: Business Models (Overview)Business ModelCargoOverviewStreetTrucks📗
⚠ī¸CV Political Topics: Labor MarketPoliticsStreetTrucks
🤝CV Business Models: Cooperations & OEMsBusiness ModelCargoOEMsStreetTrucks
🍃CV Political Topics: EmissionsPoliticsStreetTrucks
🚧CV Political Topics: InfrastructurePoliticsStreetTrucks
🚅Rail Transport: Long Distance RailLong DistancePassengerRail📘
🚋Rail Transport: Urban and Short Distance RailPassengerRailUrban📘
📖Rail Transport: IntroductionOverviewRail
🚂Rail Transport: Cargo TransportationCargoRail📘
⚙ī¸Propulsion Systems in Aerial MobilityAirTechnology
🔎Overview: Differences in Modes of Aerial MobilityAir
✈ī¸Long-distance Aerial Mobility of People & CargoAirCargoLong DistancePassenger📙
⚖ī¸Political & Consumer Perspective on Urban Aerial MobilityAirConsumer PerspectivePolitical PerspectivePoliticsUrban
đŸ“ĻUrban Aerial Mobility of People & CargoAirCargoPassengerUrban📙
🏗ī¸Infrastructure of Urban Aerial MobilityAirInfrastructureUrban
🏙ī¸UAM: OverviewAirOverviewUrban

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